Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Explanation of gap in posting

I have really been benefiting from selecting and typing these hymns every day. It was my hope to continue doing one hymn a day, indefinitely. Unfortunately life intervened, and I was required to stop for awhile. Last Tuesday night, at 2 AM, my wife awoke with sharp abdominal pains. She had an inflamed appendix, which eventually was surgically removed the next evening. She is recovering well, and in fact went home from the hospital 24 hours after the surgery. Unfortunately she cannot pick up our four small children, or anything over ten pounds, for three weeks. Thankfully we have a family and church that have been going all out to assist us.

Today I commence hymn blogging again. :)


Stan53 said...

Sorry to hear of Sarah being ill. That explains why. Glad she is on the mend. Of course that makes you Mr Mum. That is a tag I like and gladly do.

jdavidb said...

Yes, I like it, too. :) Unfortunately due to Sarah's illness I exhausted my leave time from work that I had intended to use this week. We've been receiving a lot of help from Sarah's family, my family, and our church.