Sunday, November 4, 2007


Lyrics: Homer F. Morris
Music: Thomas B. Mosley

They crucified my Lord,
Laid Him in the tomb,
Now lies the Son of God
in death's sable gloom.
The Man of grief and toil
There in silence lies;
Death has within its coil
God of earth and skies.

But, behold, there was an earthquake,
For from heav'n there came an angel,
With a countenance like lightning,
And a raiment white as snow.
When at dawn came Mary Magdalene,
'Twas the angel's voice which said:
"Lo! He is not here, but risen!"
Christ is risen from the dead.

He who for the world's salvation bled,
Now is risen, risen from the dead;
Glory, honor we will ever sing,
Praise to our risen, risen King.

Hallelujah, sing, with hearts to heav'n and voices raise,
Ever shout, ye ransomed ones, for you His blood was shed;
Sing a hymn of gladness, sing to God a hymn of praise,
Christ, the Lord is ris'n indeed, is risen from the dead.

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